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As a trained classical actor, my voice combines    friendly, warm R.P. accent with a commanding, mature gravitas when needed, and    a wide array of energetic accents and dialects:   

Native Yorkshire,   American (N.Y, southern states), Russian, French  and  more...

I also have great dexterity    in  handling    spoken Italian, French, and German  dialogue.

*Nurturing, supportive induction films  /    *Quirky e.g. 'boffinish'   explainer VOs

*Clear instructional e-learning modules / *Powerful and emotive corporate rallying calls.

Home studio specs:

Shure SM7B mic, Focusrite 2i2 interface, HP Pavilion Laptop plus Dell SE2219H 21.5 Inch  LED-backlit monitor plus Aerb mini wireless keyboard. 

Studio area is fully sound-proofed using GK Acoustics panelling + multi-layered walls of 100mm Rockwool insulation.

 To date, I've voiced over 3000 projects for 300+  clients globally such as:

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