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As a trained classical actor, my voice combines a friendly, warm R.P. accent (and a native Yorkshire when useful) with a commanding, mature fortyish gravitas    and    a wide array of energetic accents and dialects:     American (N.Y, southern states), Russian, French , Dutch etc.   

This  , along with my love of    PS4 gaming, makes me ideal for video game roles.

2024 KINGDOM COME: DELIVERANCE 2 as Ulrich Vavak, Kozliek, Father Prokop, FatherHergard

2020 FATE'S CALL as King Martel

2018 JUST DEAL WITH IT (PS4) as The Joker (lead voice) + Jack/Queen/King/Ace

2017 PARADIGM as Olof / Dupa Genetics​ infomercial narrator

2016 RELIVE as Klimt/Mike/Narrator (XBox One)
2016 ORDER OF THE LIGHT 2 as Journalist/Director/Tom/Trailer VO
2015 HOW TO SURVIVE 2 as Kovac (PS4/ XBOX One)

2015 GUARDIANS OF VALOR as The King/Nobles
2015 WORLD OF SUBWAYS 4 as Bruce/Matt Silver/Scott Steel
2015 MYSTERY OF NEUSCHWANSTEIN as James Billings​ (PC)
2014 INVIZIMALS: THE RESISTANCE as Newsreader/Ad Narrator 
2014 AGE OF WONDERS III'​ as Dreadnought Edward Portsmith (Triumph Studios)
2014 DUCKLES: THE JIGSAW WITCH as 'Sir Molt' (Mobile, PC)​
2014 MAGNIFICIENT SEAL as Turkish Narrator'​ (Zibumi Games)
2014 ENTROPY (Online MMORPG) as ​In-game adverts narrator​
2013 HOW TO SURVIVE as Kovac​ (XBOX ONE/PS4 - 505 Games)

Click   for    my Game Voices                                      Video Montage!

        Click   for     my Game Audio Demo!

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