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As a trained classical actor, my voice combines a friendly, warm R.P. accent (and a native Yorkshire when useful) with a commanding, mature gravitas when needed, and  a wide array of energetic accents and dialects for all tones:   American (N.Y, southern states), Russian, French , Dutch etc.   

This along with my love of    PS4 gaming, makes me ideal for video game roles for example...

2021-23 MAJOR VIDEO GAME SEQUEL as multiple roles

2018 JUST DEAL WITH IT as Host/Jack/Queen/King/Ace (Super Punk Games)

2017 PARADIGM as Olof / Dupa Genetics​ infomercial narrator

2016 RELIVE as Klimt/Mike/Narrator (XBox One)
2016 ORDER OF THE LIGHT 2 as Journalist/Director/Tom/Trailer VO
 HOW TO SURVIVE 2 as Kovac

2015 GUARDIANS OF VALOR as The King/Nobles
2015 WORLD OF SUBWAYS 4 as Bruce/Matt Silver/Scott Steel
2015 MYSTERY OF NEUSCHWANSTEIN as James Billings​ (PC)
2014 INVIZIMALS: THE RESISTANCE as Newsreader/Ad Narrator 
2014 AGE OF WONDERS III'​ as Dreadnought Edward Portsmith          (PC - Triumph Studios)
2014 DUCKLES: THE JIGSAW WITCH as 'Sir Molt' (Mobile,PC)​
2014 MAGNIFICIENT SEAL as Turkish Narrator'​ (Zibumi Games)
2014 ENTROPY (Online MMORPG) as ​In-game adverts narrator​
2013 HOW TO SURVIVE as Kovac​ (XBOX ONE/PS4 - 505 Games)


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My    international profile is also boosted by my    trained language education    with excellent spoken Italian, French, and German.

My    voice armoury also includes  nurturing, supportive inductions, quirky 'boffinish' explainer films, through clear instructional learning, into powerful and emotive corporate rallying calls.

To date, I've voiced over 3000 projects for 300+  clients globally such as:

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